In 2017, I will be focusing on what I love most: teaching others how to make their own money and not be 100% dependent on their employers for their security.

So, I will be opening up a private group where I will teach what I know about building multiple income streams. 

This isn't just theory, but application and very personal 1 on 1 support and business consulting. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please take 3 minutes and fill out this survey. It is NOT a commitment to join anything. 

Let's do it!
What is your first name

What is your last name

Please describe your current business part time business owner, fulltime worker... etc.

Be as detailed as you want and I will read each comment completely. I need this information to build the best community possible.
What are the current obstacles to your business success? *

Choose all that apply

What areas of business interest you ? *

The program will be a rounded approach to learning, but will target the areas of greatest interest to members as well.

What is your next goal in your business? How much money per month would change your life?

This is a realistic number. I want to help you get to each step one at a time and we do this by setting goals. Many people don't need to be millionaires, but an extra $1,000/month could change their lives.
How many hours per week do you spend learning about business? *

In the form of courses, reading and mastermind groups.
How much money do you invest in yourself in the form of learning each year? *

Don't count student loan payments for unrelated degrees.
In 2016, how many books did you read?

No judgement, just want to know what a reasonable pace will be.
In 2016, how many courses did you take?

No judgement, just want to know what a reasonable pace will be.
Awesome! Look out for emails from me with more information on the Micro-Hustle group. Those of you who are best fit based on your replies may receive more personal emails. 

They will come from so be sure to add this to your contacts. 

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